Hybridge Full-Mouth Restoration

Hybridge Full-Mouth Dental Implants in Gaithersburg, MD

Hybridge Full-Mouth Restoration is a solution-based option that replaces all of the teeth on either the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. Some patients arrive to our Gaithersburg dental office having had their natural teeth already removed, while others are just starting to evaluate alternatives to their natural teeth. If your natural teeth still remain, a thorough exam and consultation with Dr. Stiles will determine if replacing your natural teeth is an appropriate option.

Once you and Dr. Stiles decide that replacing all the teeth in one or both jaws is your best option, you have three dental implant treatment options from which to choose.

Option 1: Hybridge Full-Mouth Dental Implant Restoration

Hybridge Full-Mouth Dental Implant Restoration permanently replaces up to 12 teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, or in both jaws, supported on five or six dental implants, in as little as three to 16 weeks. Full function and aesthetics are restored, resulting in a long-lasting and healthy mouth.

Once complete, the Hybridge Full-Arch provides fully restored function with unparalleled aesthetics. Hybridge Full-Arch smiles are created using the finest, modern materials: acrylic, Prettau Zirconia ceramic, and cross-linked PMMA. Each of these materials has its own set of indications based on specific patient habits and health history. As a Hybridge-certified dentist, Dr. Stiles will determine your best option.

Hybridge Upper-Arch Dental Implant Restoration

In general, the Hybridge Full-Arch Protocol is a two-stage process. It first requires that any remaining upper teeth have to be removed and the jaw has to heal for 11 weeks. Then, the six dental implants can be surgically inserted—the second stage. Temporary teeth will be inserted on the same day of the extractions, so you will never need to go without teeth. Once your jaw has healed, Dr. Stiles will create a computer-generated surgical guide to plan the best locations for the implants. This surgical guide helps Dr. Stiles place the implants with extreme accuracy and with a minimally invasive technique.

Once the implants are inserted, the Hybridge Laboratory creates a single restoration that not only replaces the teeth, but the gum line as well. The materials used to make the Hybridge Full Arch are dependent on your unique needs. The Hybridge Full-Arch treatment can be finalized within five weeks of implant placement, resulting in a total treatment time of 16 weeks from start to finish.

Hybridge Lower-Arch Dental Implant Restoration

For most cases, Hybridge Lower-Arch Restoration only requires one surgical phase. Unlike the upper, the extraction of the remaining lower teeth and the surgical placement of the dental implants can be done in the same appointment. At the end of the surgical visit, Dr. Stiles will insert temporary Hybridge teeth so you will never go without teeth. Hybridge Express offers a temporary Hybridge, which can be securely attached just like the final Hybridge Full Arch. It can be inserted within the first 24 hours. Once your dental implants are in place, treatment can be completed is as quickly as five weeks.

Hybridge Full-Mouth Dental Implant Restoration

Many patients choose to have their entire mouth restored at the same time with Upper and Lower Hybridge Full-Arch Restoration. There are many advantages to having them done simultaneously. Efficiencies exist when working on both jaws at the same time, resulting in reduced appointments, decreased cost, and ideal aesthetics and tooth position. The typical treatment time is about 16 weeks. Again, with this protocol, there is never a time when you will be without a beautiful set of temporary teeth.

Dr. Stiles and the Hybridge team are keenly aware of our patients’ need for comfort during the Hybridge process and the expectation that the process be completed in as short of a period of time as possible. You will be provided with a written treatment outline so you will be aware of the sequence of appointments, as well as the timing between each appointment.

Option 2: Hybridge Express

Full-mouth restoration with Hybridge dental implant supported restorations includes temporary teeth which are placed the same day as your natural teeth are removed. Typically, the temporary teeth are in the form of a temporary denture. For some patients, wearing a temporary denture during the healing phase is uncomfortable or does not provide them the level of function desired. If this is the case for you, Hybridge Express may be the answer.

Hybridge Express is a temporary Hybridge that can be placed either the day after the removal of your natural teeth, or ten days later, during your suture removal appointment. Hybridge Express is made of a temporary material that is designed to last during the healing phase, while allowing you to have a fixed restoration in place for a greater sense of comfort and function.

Option 3: The Hybridge Overdenture

Conventional dentures are sometimes a good option for full-mouth teeth replacement because they can be a more cost-effective way to replace all of the upper teeth, lower teeth, or both. With well-made complete dentures from Stiles Dentistry, your aesthetics and facial support will be restored.

The biggest disadvantages of complete dentures are a greatly diminished ability to chew due to poor stability and retention. This is more often the case for a lower denture than an upper denture.

Implants can improve the functionality of a lower denture by creating points where the denture can attach. This type of implant-retained removable denture is often called an overdenture.

If you’re looking for a more secure, functional way to wear a lower denture, the Hybridge Overdenture establishes stability and retention by snapping onto at least two dental implants. Using an implant attachment mechanism on the top of an implant, the denture snaps on and off upon insertion and removal. This solution significantly improves the level of comfort and function that is typically at issue with a lower denture, while retaining the cost-effectiveness of a conventional denture.

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