Hybridge Multiple-Teeth Implants in Gaithersburg, MD

Multiple Front Teeth

When multiple front teeth are missing, aesthetics become an important part of the patient's objectives. One of the initial determinations surrounds the patient's “smile line.” The size of the smile and what shows when smiling widely will help Dr. Stiles determine the design of the Hybridge restoration.

Dr. Stiles works closely with the Hybridge laboratory to create an authentic, beautiful smile that will last for many years. In addition to the obvious advantages of having a restored smile, most patients require that their front teeth give them back the ability to eat the foods they once enjoyed. Front teeth are required to tear food so that it can be chewed on the back teeth.

A Hybridge Multi-Tooth Bridge that replaces front teeth must provide both strength and beautiful aesthetics. The latest ceramic materials in the industry are utilized at the Hybridge Laboratory. Zirconia and Lithium Di-Silicate are ceramics that have been shown to have very high strength and fracture resistance, as well as the ability to mimic the natural translucent beauty of tooth enamel. A temporary Hybridge is always made so that during the process, at no time will there appear to be teeth missing.

Multiple Back Teeth

Restoring function is the chief objective of replacing multiple back teeth. It can be accomplished with as few as two dental implants. Each implant supports the ends of the “bridge” with a rigid, ceramic, tooth-like structure that is permanently fastened. Not only is it designed to be natural-looking, it is also designed for easy daily maintenance and cleaning. Since back teeth do not require the perfect aesthetics of front teeth, they can also be made at a lower cost.

The Efficiency of Multiple-Teeth Implants

Hybridge dental implant supported restorations have been developed with safety and efficiency in mind. By establishing rigorous standards and techniques, the practice of implant dentistry is brought to a new level. Dr. Stiles takes a patient-centered approach to ensure that ideal treatment outcomes are achieved in the most efficient manner possible. By reducing the number of appointments and the number of weeks to complete each treatment, the cost of Hybridge multiple-tooth implant replacement becomes more affordable.

The greatest cost efficiencies occur when the number of teeth being replaced increases. Dental implants are proven to be many times stronger than natural teeth. That means that a single implant can often support the load of more than one tooth. With Hybridge dental implant supported restorations, Dr. Stiles can determine and establish the fewest number of dental implants that are required to support the specific number of missing teeth. By minimizing the number of implants, the cost per tooth significantly decreases to your benefit.

Whether it is the upper or the lower jaw, two dental implants can replace up to five or six missing teeth. By definition, a “bridge” connects two supports (abutments). With an implant on each side of the area of missing teeth, the Hybridge Multi-Tooth Bridge is cemented or screwed onto the implant abutments, replacing as many teeth as needed.

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