Hybridge Single-Tooth Dental Implant in Gaithersburg, MD

If you are in need of replacing one single tooth, you can avoid the potential harm of a traditional dental bridge to the adjacent teeth by opting for a single-tooth implant.

Single Back-Tooth Replacement

Replacing a single back tooth is by far the most common tooth-replacement scenario. Molars and pre-molars are usually the first teeth to be lost due to decay and gum disease. As with all aspects of implant dentistry, the time and efficiency of replacing back teeth makes it one of the most predictable dental procedures performed by Dr. Stiles.

Research shows that 80% of chewing is done in the area of the first molar. The replacement of first molars should be seen as a high priority to maintain full function, with both bite and jaw stability. Since molars typically do most of the work while chewing, using an implant of maximum size is always preferred. By determining the exact jaw dimensions prior to any implant surgery, Dr. Stiles is able to decide on just the right implant to use for the tooth to be replaced. Dental CT scan technology is used to plan the implant surgery in a precise manner by using computer assisted planning software.

Single Front-Tooth Replacement

It has often been said that replacing a single front tooth can be one of the most challenging forms of tooth replacement. The determining factor is the level of prominence the tooth has in the smile, and the level of expectation that the patient has that the new tooth will look indistinguishable from the natural teeth around it. Hybridge front-tooth replacements from Dr. Stiles excel.

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